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je me presente je suis Yuki

j'adore les manga et tous ce qui y touche : la tecnologie...

mon rêve partir au japon et apprendre a dessiner des manga sa pourras complété mes fictions

enfin voila ceux qui n'aiment pas ce que je raconte la sortie c'est la X en haut a droite
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- full metal alchemist(3)
- full metal alchemist(2)
- full metal alchemist
- shugo shara(3)
- shugo shara(2)

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 voila encore des tof au fait le garçcon au cheveux blond c'est edward(ed)(full metal nabot) tu comprendra pourquoi en regardent le manga ok

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Zhengtian Long and Bai Jianyun go after Sun column slowly picked up the teapot, add water, red tea, drink a brow launched proudly, his mouth began to hum the tune to today from Bai Jianyun The hands of a lot of money. "This kid really is so stupid can ah." Little Bureau planted for a year ago, the Sun column is proud incredibly, and their own knowledge of the instruments used in identification Baijian Yun taught, are what you say to yourself, trying to cheat it is too simple, but the. Sun column's minor, however, quickly disappeared, his brow wrinkled up, he remembered a Fushou four full adder Zhengtian Long bought it. "Not really a good thing, right?" Muttering Sun column mercilessly shook his head, and self-deprecating laugh, definitely yes Jianlou such a thing, but can not be everywhere, say, Luo two instruments used in this line of business mixed years old, if it is a good thing, he will not come out? "Wow ~ Filed teapot, Sun column give pour yourself a cup of tea, and looked at the bright yellow tea being injected cup, his mood is good and the. "Stop!" Shop, just left the Sun column Baijian Yun suddenly I heard shouting to Zheng Tianlong shocked. Ah? How? A look back, Zhengtian Long found precisely Baijian Yun came, "Ha, white fat, you come." Spoke, the Zheng Tianlong Lakaichemen, jumped up. "Ha, to smoke a cigarette." Bai Jianyun side of cigarette tossed Zhengtian Long, while mercilessly stepped on the accelerator, suddenly hit the steering wheel, a small freighter shaking a bit, Shui on the main road into the traffic."Squeak ~~" Small four last stop in a Street down, looked around a bit, In addition to street lights, no lights, it is very quiet. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm "This is my uncle's shop, I usually sleep in here, somewhere else, he rent an apartment." Baijian Yun said as he opened the door, went in, then walked down the stairs to the second floor with Zhengtian Long. The first floor is paved, and place on the second floor can be separated out to live in, can be stacked things the Zheng Tianlong up after the name of the ground floor in the corner of the place, in addition to one by a variety of boxes or miscellaneous thereof. Every Baijian Yun to Sun column on preparing an adder, and must be better than the last point, to tell Bai Jianyun point adder knowledge at the same time, so step-by-step induces Bai Jianyun to buy their own things. So, each month of this year, the Sun column are from the hands of the Bai Jianyun earn hundreds of pieces and the like, is trained irons. Bai Jianyun obviously has heart, but because of a mix Zhengtian Long, things seeing going to yellow - If the Zhengtian Long absent, he has confidence again Fudge Bai Jianyun certainly obediently pay, how to make the Sun column does not hate? Sun column face, however, put on a look a pity, said: "That's a pity, this, but a good thing, even if it is not the drain, that some time after collection certainly can add value if not you, I really do not intend to sell it." "I still buy it, not to 1950 what I still afford to buy." Originally thought myself that move, but did not think Baijian Yun suddenly changed his mind, which look Zheng Tianlong a little flat-footed, but soon recovered, kicked the Bai Jianyun the feet, to make a wink, and then said "Bai Jianyun " But Zhengtian Long unspoken let Baijian Yun waved interrupted: "That you have not seen really is no insight for the average person, the instruments used in the role of what I just said to melt the ghost of Health Wang change the luck and the like, but for us, it is the collection and value-added. ' "Ah? Collection and value-added? I only heard the antique collection and value-added, also this thing?" Zheng Tianlong hand press Baijian Yun's forehead, and then added: "No fever ah! Would not want to get rich think obsessed?" "Smack!" Baijian Yun Zheng Tianlong hand a sweep, and then said: "Go away, I'm not sick, not stupid." "Instruments like antique collection is also worth tens of millions have good instruments used, you think about it, if we were able to have such an adder Would not it be made?" "Ah? "Of course, however, the average person is not out of this the the feng shui array suck poly gas money, as long as they look gas feng shui master in order to do it." Feng shui cavities must be gas, clever geomancers be able to see the hole in the gas, according to the color and shape of the gas will be able to conclude that the good and bad history record the story of a lot of hope gas, for example, "Records · Emperor Wen Ji "records, 15 Han Emperor (165 BC), Zhao people Arakaki Ping to look gas, see, said on the establishment of the Weiyang five Temple. It is said Arakaki Ping Huan said Changan Northeast air, into a multicolored look like wear the crown .... Since this gas, should Li Ci God, so Han Emperor accepted his proposal, In Weiyang built the Five Emperors temple. "Han Lang Kai Chuan" documented Lang Kai good wind angle, star count, 6-seven, in particular, is the ability to look gas accounted for candidates good and bad, and later storm forecast capital fire, then really true. Baijian Yun dream of hope that he can have this ability, but this is impossible, so it can only be the envy of nothing. "Do I see gas river Tongfang Zhai Feng Shui array suction gas? He thought of his Cleveland go bird things, but square boulder here but also in the bread where it, if they only vivre curse Zhao Tie, Zhao Tie will anger the boulder. Think of here, Zhengtian Long drew a deep breath, firmly push down on his anger, said nothing, and turned to walk proudly strode away, but his heart was secretly angry, will come back one day to succeed find this Zhao Tie afterwards. "Pooh to the kid kinda proud of it, what!" Zhao Tie Zheng Tianlong will not think so, he has always been among the workers are mighty gods, this time face quite embarrassing. "Oh, iron brother, your adult large, as the saying goes, the prime minister goes to punt, not with his general knowledge." "Iron brother, this Maotouxiaohuo, pay attention to him doing very Although he now hard gas but to go out to know the world is not as a good mix, I see one accurate he had to come back to ask you."

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To the workplace, we will also get a lot of information. Not left the teacher hands-on help, how the information is refined, summarized into the experience can be replicated, and use them properly solve the problem, it has become the most important link in the process of our profession accumulation. Friend perennial deal and interns, once we mentioned the professional attitude of young people, she talked about a few things. Intern A, is always the main focus on the completion of the work arranged by the instructor.Who would have thought at the time to do these things, she was already know the fact that he is sick. I do not know what else to work with her long after the fate of selected start this cruel prank, I can not continue to follow her to go to the customer proposal, negotiations with clients, I saw her again and again nothing not the way to communicate. I only know that I can not imagine if I got this disease, I can not like her, is still as usual laughing, laugh at things."Positive psychology" courses offered by Dr. Taylor Ben Shahar is a Harvard University students select up to it even more than the long-term hold first principles of economics.Recently, its course content together into "happiness," a book published by the CITIC. Shahar also came to the scene of the premiere, when the Church teaches a "happiness lessons". Today, it seems that the "happiness" beyond the "economy" has become the focus of attention. Although people in the street question "Are you happy when you feel awkward, but when stop and ask yourself" I am happy ", but found that it is a life can not be avoided.

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Live round of applause, which lasted at least two minutes, until Liu Wei, the end of the second curtain call. After the successful performance of the Golden Hall, he will be this spring, went to Canada to continue its world tour trip. At the same time, he wanted to go to the Guinness Book of World Records to break their own record - their feet a minute and 251 letters. Playing the piano just him out of the first step, the second step he wants to become a music producer, composer lyricist to the creation of their own music. Since I can not forget it, on the face of it, is not afraid of sad, is not afraid of sinking, because to face, we will not back down, we must learn how to be brave as fearless, like a martyr, this year, I want to lead a happy Qingming, went to meet bright light, accept my bright road, living out I'm not the same. This year's Qingming, I want to live a life, live a wonderful live out my life!Some people say, "In fact, writing is not difficult, and this is the writing simplistic, if not difficult, and why the world's native language will become a world problem? Some people say, writing essays needs talent. In actual fact, the essay is not required essay because the essay does not equal creativity, creative need talent just to express ideas and record life, to express the feelings of a tool. An old saying: "Tomb Sweeping Festival rain have, pedestrians ecstasy, by asking restaurants where there are the shepherd boy distal Xinghuacun". slight breeze, blowing a lucid lengthy solitude, this year, we should cherish what kind of heart, go to sweep. Childhood, grandfather to me: "Martyrs heart is hot, touched by generation after generation of children and grandchildren." I asked Grandpa: "What is the martyr." The grandfather said: "Martyrs for us to open up a bright road, the fearless hero." Oh, martyr is a hero . I silently. Until I went to primary school, to sweep the tomb of the martyrs, the summer, the scorching sun, it can be martyrs will be how to face it? The dauntless it.

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